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dj Duhov
Alexey Duhov was born on the 25th of October, 1977 in Moscow. He mixed his first two tapes when he was only 10 years old. From the age of 12 he started attending dancing lessons, and some time later he started going to a discotheque in the neighbourhood where his friends were working. It was here that his first public experience in mixing happened. At first he mixed tapes, then CDs, and ended up with vinyl. Electronic music started for him in 1994 from acid-trance.

Duhov became a professional DJ from 1999. His first residency happened to be in the cult club Lexx. He also worked in Territoria, Gorod, Jet Set, Zeppelin, Gertzen, Sharks, Mio, Shu Lounge, Cult, Okno, 4 Rooms, Boogie-Woogie, at Rynda Parties, in Moscow-Berlin cafe and many clubs outside Moscow: Opium (Kiev), Bunker (Minsk), Factura (Odessa), Pilot (Murmansk), Ganesha (Kiev), Matrix (Yalta) and others.

Among foreign guest DJ he played with are Alex Moran (of duo Weekender), Loudeast, Rob Mello, Gus Gus, Pizzicato Five and Matthew Herbert who presented him with the Best DJ 2003 Award from the 16 Tons club.

In 2003 he released two mixes:
Bedroom Specialist (GR-rec)
Duhovnaya Blizost' (Digital City)

At present Alexey is a resident of clubs 16 Tons and Mix, Soup-cafe, and plays at Propaganda - Fridays with DJ Onlee, Sundays with DJ Shushukin.

His styles are deep house, tech-house, deep techno, sometimes he also plays nu jazz and downtempo music.

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