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dj Zorkin
Maxim Zorkin was born on the 28th of January, 1972, in Moscow. From the end of 80s, he was busy with the underground post-rock culture and played the guitar in some rock bands. In 1990 he wan the administrator of the post-punk festival 'Antisuicidal Tendency'. After the famous rave 'Gagarin Party' in the Cosmos pavillion (December, 12 1991) Maxim took a great interest in electronic dance music.

He played his first DJ set in summer of 1992 on board Cotton Club ship. It was there where he met Eric Duval, who influenced his music taste greatly. Together with Eric Zorkin started to grasp the basics of the genre.

Starting from winter of 1992 and till 1994 Maxim anв Eric played together in Hermitage and Manhattan Express, In summer of 1993 they took part in organising the unique music festival in the Hermitage garden - the event was called '25 hours'.

In 1994 Eric left Russia for good. Maxim met a group of people who wanted to open a club with a strange name Ptyuch. At the end of the year he became a resident of Ptyuch and played there until it was closed. Next came the residency in Water club. The year 1996 put a start to Maxim's active touring Russia and Europe. He worked for a short time at the radio Station 106.8FM, and Sustation 69.26 from its beginning to the end.

At present DJ Zorkin is the promoter/resident of Snezhnost parties at the internet pub Phlegmatic Dog, and also resident of Mix, 16 Tons and Park.

Maxim toured over 40 cities, from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to London. He played abroad at Ultraschall (Munich), Douala (Ravensburg), Flex (Vienna), Sonic Saturday Meirei (Vienna), Blue Note (London), Youris Night Mondo (Stockholm) and others. He played together with The Orb, Green Velvet, Khan & Dr.Walker, dj Hell, Electric Indigo, Synapse, John Selway, Cristopher Just aka Punk Anderson, Beroshima, Stasey Pullen, Richard Dorfmeister, Patrik Pulsinger, Ian Pooley, Louie Austeen, Richard Bartz, 16 B, Rainer Truby, Les Gammas, Mishael Rainborth and many others.

Together with the festival Tusart he travelled and played in Egypt, Turkey, Thailand and Tunisia.

One of his passions is snowboarding, and he often takes part in organising the musical programme at snowboarding competitions and plays at snowboard camps in the Caucasus. From time to time he takes part in organising concerts and parties with foreign DJs and musicians.

DJ Zorkin prefers techno, tech-house and electroclash.

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