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dj Sapunov
Since 1994 till 1996 Sergey Sapunov worked at a Radio Maximum in Music Department. Soon he met DJ D1 and DJ Fonar, who was the presenter of the Dance Academy, Maximum Club and Funny House radio programmes, and became interested in DJing. Hу first started apinning records in 1995 under the guidance of DJ Sanches, and played his first public set at DJ Sanches' Birthday home party - the 22nd of September, 1996. From the end of 1996 and in 1997 he took part in many radio programmes presented by DJ Kubikov, DJ Sanches and DJ B-Voice at Radio Substation 69.26. In summer 1997 he first played in Luch at a Substation party organised by DJ Sanches. in autumn he became a resident at Chudo-Bar, and regularly played in Luch.

In 1998 Sapunov entered the Institute of Television and Broadcasting, the Sound Production faculty. From its very opening he was the resident of Territoria club, started playing in Propaganda at its famous Thursdays, and in A-Club.

From 1999 DJ Sapunov was a resident at Lexx. He started to work with Ptyuch sound system promotion group, which resulted in his extensive touring activity. In summer 1999 he became a resident of White Nights, a famous radio programme at Station 106,8 (later Station 2000). In autumn he became a resident of Justo club and 16 Tons on Tuesdays.

In 2000 he got back to be a resident of Territoria. His first official release - Ancient Future Mix Compilation Tape (released on Only Records in Russia) - was presented at Propaganda. The mix on this tape was compiled from works of 20:20 Vision Records, and the owner of the label Ralph Lawson was invited to the presentation.

Since 2001 DJ Sapunov plays on Fridays at Station 2000 radio, later - on Thursdays at Dynamite FM. At the same time he becomes a resident of housemusic.ru project and Mix - one of the best clubs in Moscow. In 2002 he was playing in almost all clubs in Moscow and in other Russian cities, and released a promo mix 'Moscow Resort City'.

Over all these years DJ Sapunov played in Luch, Chudo-Bar, Territoria, Lexx, Mix-Club, Zeppelin, Propaganda, Justo, 16 Tons, Buddah-Bar, Gerzen, Master, MDM, A-Club, Proton, Sharks, Virus, Grammophone, Moscow-Berlin, Jet Set, Gorod, Mio, Shu Lounge, Heart Club, Cult, Marika, 4 Rooms, Boogie-Voogie (Moscow), Luk, Nemo (Ekaterinburg), Pilot, Zabra (Barnaul), Factura (Odessa), Maximum (Kiev), Ars (Saratov), Debarkader (Chelyabinsk) Black&White (Perm), Moog (Barcelona), Cafe d'Anvers (Belgium), AKA (London), at raves Instantia (Moscow), Eastern Strike - Evolution (St.-Petersburg), Kazantip (the Crimea), Legion (Moscow), Insomnia (Petrozavodsk), Flashback (Moscow), Moscow Clubbing Connection (Austria), and played at parties together with Stacy Pullen, Sven Vath, Yori Hulkkonen, Tony Rios, Hakan Lidbo, Vince Watson, Ralph Lawson, Joshua Collins, Roberto Mello, Le Hammond Inferno, The Producers, Murray Richardson, Red Snapper, Terry Francis, Alan Barrat, Futureshock, Mark Luv Dup, Dave Mothersoul, Gus Gus, F.Kevorkian, Eddie Richards and others.

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