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dj B-Voice
Vasily B-Voice started spinning records in 1996. He played his first public sets at clubs Treasure Island and Trety Put. Later on he played at clubs Moby Dick, Luch, A-Club, Metro, Herzen, Mio, Park, Shu Lounge, Territoria, Propaganda, Mix, Phlegmatic Dog, Okno, Zona, Trish and others, and took part in famous festivals like Kazantip, Raveolution, Big Rynda and TusArt.

Over these years B-Voice toured many cities in Russia and abroad - London, Warsaw, Minsk, Riga, Villnus, Chelyabinsk, Cherepovets, Ekaterinburg, Klaipeda, Kirov, Praha, Paris, Kiev, Tyumen, and played together with David Carreta, Scissor Sisters, Tom Clark, Atomizer, Nag Nag Nag, Princess Julia, Mark Almond, Andy Fletcher and others.

B-Voice released several CD mixes - Spasibo Za Moto, PHONO:PHONO, Profi, Park-Summertime, Deep Mix 1.0 and Nazi-Surfers Must Die.

Vasily started his radio work playing at Radio Station and Substation. The latter left the warmest memories - he was offered total freedom as to what to play. He often took part in improvised talk-shows "The Lessons of Minimalism" on Sundays.

In 2001 B-Voice and DJ FeelGood started remixing Russian artists' songs under the nickname Da Pop. The most famous remixes are on songs of Bi-2, Propaganda, Oskar and Seti.

In 2002 the project Midiots (with the same members - B-Voice and FeelGood) was born. They have released two EPs and are now working on a full-sized album.

B-Voice is the resident of clubs Mix, Trish and SUP-cafe.
His styles are Tech-tech-House, Minimal, Electronica, Deeeep...

Midiots' discography:
Song Seven (12") Treibstoff
Traktorizm EP (12") Dumb-Unit

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