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Lazyfish (Alexander Potekhin), one of the best sound designers of the German company Native Instruments, is famous for being an experimenter with music software. His nickname Lazyfish was taken from an undergroung firm, where Alexander and his friend Perestrelka (now a famous snowboarder) were making skateboards. Besides skateboarding, Lazyfish is a big fan of riding his mountain bike to get the next doze of adrenaline, bruises and abrasions. In winter, he horrifies his family and friends riding the snowboard.

His early music addictions were industrial and trash, and also bass-guitear. Among his idols are Psychic TV, Current-93, Coil, Scorn.

Lazyfis started making his own music in 1997, using a guitar and an old drum-machine Yamaha RY-20, about which he still speaks with great love. Then he bought a computer and started recording his music on a tape recorder for his friends. These tapes became popular in Moscow very quickly, and soon the rumors about Lazyfish spreaded within the electronic music gang.

Lazyfish's outstanding talent - to explore the potential of computer programmes - has in no time taken him to the frontline of the electronic music technology. He makes the biggest part of his music with the help of the self-made virtual instruments. The sound that he makes his computer to generate shows that today computer is not used in music making to its full. His guiter and industrial past adds uncompromised rythms and somewhat anarchic harmonies.

Over his career Lazyfish has worked with many russian electronic musicians: SCSI-9, Fizzarum, EU, Alexandroid, Mewark, Alex Borisov (f.r.u.i.t.s.), Volga project (Exotica), Spirali band, Access Denied, and released with some of them some EPs on labels Trapez, Kanzleramt and others. He also released his album on the Russian label Art-Tek. German label WMF released a compilation, in which they included an interactive track by Lazyfish - the track where the listener can alter the sound himself.

Now Lazyfish is the recognised master of live techno of all kinds.

Lazyfish played at many events in Russia and abroad: Club Transmediale 2003 (where he played together with Pansonic and C.O.H. project (Ivan Pavlov), [ABSTRACT ALGEBRA] 2003, The Syberian Extreme Sports Festival Z-GAME Summer 2003, Electronic music festival Electrofest 2003 - Sun Vibes (Gorny Altay, Chermalsky Region), Deep Russia 2003 festival (Riga, Latvia), SubTropic 2002 festival (Batumi), several Kazantips, the 1st Moscow Noise festival and others. Besides, he played in clubs in Italy, Portugal and Germany (Golden Pudel - the underground club in Hamburg, which is marked by performances of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and others).

Vortex / Please-126, CD (Art-Tek)
Falling EP, 12" (Trapez)

Tracks on compilations:
100% Thanks To Radium on Artefacts, CD (Art-Tek)
Falling on Selection 1, CD (Trapez)
Part of Loop on Selection 1, CD (Trapez)
Selffocus on Selection 1, CD (Trapez)
Untitled on No Space for Dogma: K2O Compilation, CD (K2 O Records)
Static No. 5 on RU.Electronic Two, CD (Lo Recordings)
Mewark-Stoderaft on [Komfort.Labor] Presents Native Lab, CD (WMF Records)
Bartofloop on Cologne Summer, CD (Choice Productions)
Fluid3 on Osada, CD (Citadel Records)
Fluid2 on Osada, CD (Citadel Records)
31 Seconds on Progress: The Trieste - Vladivostok CTM.03 Line, CD (rx:tx)
Joroh on Out To City 3, CD (Cheburec Records)

Joint releases:
SCSI-9 vs. Lazyfish - Contape, 12" (Salo)
Lazyfish/Mewark - Lazyfish/Mewark, CD (K2 O Records)
Lazyfish & Alexandroid - OS, CD (K2 O Records)

Joint tracks on compilations:
Lazyfish/Mewark - Ectetbehno (Excerpt) on No Space for Dogma: K2O Compilation, CD (K2 O Records)
Lazyfish/Mewark - Comfortable on RU.Electronic Two, CD (Lo Recordings)

Fakel Techno in Barnaul
Kazantip Afterparty
Plug & Play Electronic Music Festival

Pro-Tez Records

The long-awaited label Pro-Tez Records, run by Anton Kubikov, has finally jumped into existence.

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