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dj Chizh
Sasha Chizh was born in 1978 in Moscow. In 1991 he swapped a matreshka for a baseball cap with a picture of little bird that looked very much like a siskin, and that is where his DJ name came from (Chizh in Russian means "siskin"). Sasha graduated from a music school and entered the Moscow State Building University. After three years he left the university and became a DJ.

In 2001 Chizh got a residency at the cruising club Barge, and in 2002 in club Mix and DJ-cafe Mio. He also played at many clubs in Moscow: Vi:rus, Territoria, Propaganda, Cocon-club, A-Priori, 16 Tons, Top-club, Okno, Vin&Gret, Rynda Party, Gun-cafe, Ogurets, Plastilin, Freud, Khato, Neo, Park, Zirlich-Manirlich, internet pub Phlegmatic Dog... He visited many clubs all around Russia, took part in snow-boarder festivals and Pall Mall Tour in 2004, and played together with Mathew Herbert, Dirk Diggler, Sami Koivikko, Raynold, P.Toile, Falko Brocksieper, Tom Clark, Christopher Just...

Chizh has released two mixes: Contact Method (Gr-rec., Murmansk 2004) and Marshrutnoe Taxi (Flip records, Moscow 2005).

Today Chizh works with promo groups Deep Mix Moscow Radio, Housemusic.ru, Monkey 2 Human, Nervmusic and has a residency at club Mix.

Music style: from deep-click&cuts-minimal-techno to psy-funky-tech-house


Joint releases:
Chizh & Cast - Finka EP [Sender Records]

Read the news:
Chizh & Cast - Finka EP [Sender Records]

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