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Dr.Scissors (Pino Grzybowsky) started his music career back in 1979, when he was recording his experiments with synthesizers and analogue sequencers on a tape recorder. 50 copies of his first recording srpeaded among the German electronic music fans.

From 1980 to 1988 Dr.Scissors was a keyboard player in different bands (Rentryd, Zero Life, Mecanique Marine, Senseless Symmetry), and year 1989 was marked with him starting his studio work and his first live gig.

In 1994 his tracks were first released on a techno compilation, and his first maxi single was released on Superstition label (Hamburg). At the same time he started working with Roger C. - the Cracked project. In a year Cracked played their first live gig at the Alzheimer club (Frankfurt/Main), Dr.Scissors with his own live set - at the Prison Rave (Frankfurt/Main), and Pino together with Mike Knapp (aka Xpando) - at the Stargate Rave in Los Angeles.

In 1996, apart from performances (Force Inc. Party and others), Pino was working on the TV. His two releases came out on East/West Records and Electrolux labels. The next year he became a resident at the Ostklub (Frankfurt/Main), played at No Ufos rave and the Love Parade '97. Also he kept on working with Xpando.

In 1998 Dr.Scissors played at many parties, some of which are Serotonin Records Party, Temple Records Party (Mew York), Love Parade, No Ufos (Berlin), and visited with DJ sets and live gigs Miami Beach, Munich, Zurich and came to play in Moscow for the first time, where he played at A-Club, Hermitage, Jazz Cafe, Shans and played a live set at radio Station 106.8FM. This year's releases were on labels Motor Music, Polydor, Elektrolux, ASR-Record and Hooj Choons. In 1999 Pino released his first album (Electrolux Records), wrote his first soundtrack for 'Romeo&Julliet' ballet, was a sound designer for a theatre performance 'The Cheshire Cat'. Also he worked at the University of Design in Karlsruhe, where he was reading lections on using computer in music and digital sound design, played live gigs in Germany and in Vienna and Salzburg. Some of his tracks were included in the soundtrack of 'Straight Shooter' film. In 2000 Dr.Scissors had some releases on Aural Satisfaction Records, played in Russia a lot (Moscow, Chelyabinsk and Ekaterinburg), performed at Studio One radio, Radio E (Ekaterinburg), radio Station 107.0FM and TV-channels MTV Russia and Mus-TV. In 2001 he toured Japan with performances in clubs and radio stations, and Italy. Together with playing at parties Pino also works as a sound designer at different fairs.

Over the past two years people from St.-Petersburg, Magnitogorsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kirov, Tyumen, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk, Ekaterinburg and, of course, Moscow, had the possibility to take a closer look at his creative work. In Moscow Dr.Scissors played at Mix club, A-Priori, Phlegmatic Dog, Art Cafe Garden, Rynda Party, Mio and open-air Beach club.

Dr.Scissors' discography:

Releases (as Dr.Scissors):
Emotion Babe, 10" (Elektrolux)
Scuba Tounges, 10" (Elektrolux)
Nursing Kit, 2x12" (Elektrolux)
Nursing Kit, CD (Elektrolux)
(as Infrarot):
Acid Dog, 12" (Lotus Records)
Acid Dog EP, 12" (Trigger)
(as Endzeit):
Zeitlupe, 12" (Aural Satisfaction)
(as Syrinx 2600):
Docking -20s, CD (Elektrolux)

Joint releases:
With Kerosene, project Cracked:
Sexed, CD (The Spacefrogs)
The U.S. Remixes, 12" (The Spacefrogs)
Totally Recracked, CD5" (Superstition)
Totally Recracked, 12" (Superstition)
Resexed, 12" (The Spacefrogs)
With Xpando, project Insect Jazz:
Hum & Buzz, 2x12" (Elektrolux)
Hum & Buzz, CD (Elektrolux)
Transmission From Istanbul, 2x12" (Elektrolux)
Remixes From Istanbul, 12" (PV)
With Andreas Kauffelt, project Mobile Space Unit:
Snakeman, 12" (Electrocute)
Cheat Code EP, 12" (Elektrolux)
With Andreas Kauffelt, project Mohare:
The Scream, 12" (Aural Satisfaction)
Carib Icefloe EP, 12" (Aural Satisfaction)

New Frontiers (Dr. Scissors Mix) on New Frontiers, 12" (Elektrolux)
New Frontiers (Dr. Scissors Mix) on Elektro Codes.Two, 2xCD (Elektrolux)
Twit Me Up (Dr. Scissors Dub) on Twist Me Up, 12" (Bassex)

Tracks on compilations:
Touch Screen on Elektro Codes.Two, 2xCD (Elektrolux)
Scuba Tongues on Ambient Diary.One, 2xCD (Elektrolux)
Touch Screen on Lovefield - Earth Spirits, CD (Free Form)
Passage on Space Night Vol. III, 2xCD (EastWest Records GmbH)
Mosquito on Elektro Codes.Three, 2xCD (Elektrolux)
Penalty Dream Part 2 on Aural Float Presents Space Night Vol. V, 2xCD (Fuel Records)
FM Therapy on Aural Float Presents Space Night Vol. V, 2xCD (Fuel Records)
Luxor on Dub Backups.One, CD (Elektrolux)
Last Elec on Psychedelic Beer, CD (High Society (Germany))
Phantom on Blutmusik, LP (Zehnkampf)
Basra on In Electro We Trust - A Datapunk Compilation (Limited Edition), CD (Datapunk)

Dr.Scissors & Moorush Live in Moscow
Dr.Scissors Live
Dr.Scissors Live in Leipzig
Dr.Scissors Live in N.Novgorod
Dr.Scissors Live in Tula
Dr.Scissors Live and DJ Kubikov

Pro-Tez Records

The long-awaited label Pro-Tez Records, run by Anton Kubikov, has finally jumped into existence.

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