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dj Necto Lucas
Philipp Perlovsky-Neman was born on March, 1, 1974 in Odessa (the Ukraine). He first started playing in 1995 in one of the first techno clubs in Odessa - Manhattan. At the same time Phil was busy with modern art projects, and became famous especially because of his audiovideoprojects 'Istereo-1', 'Istereo-2' and 'Istereo-3'. In 1997 he was the Ukrainian representative at a media-phorum 'OST-Ranenie-97', and he took part in practically all exhibitions of the Soros' Modern Art Centre.

In March, 1997 Phil became a programme director at the first Ukrainian techno radio station Radio Maxi 102.7FM. In 1998 he was the only DJ from the Ukraine to take part in the big rave 'Eastern Strike' (St.-Petersburg). After that he finally moved to Moscow, where at first he worked as a resident in a private club Krai. Since October, 1999 till April, 2001 he was a sound-producer of the project 'Telenight on Mus-TV', and starting from 2000 he takes part in every Kazantip festival.

Over all these years DJ Necto Lucas has played in many many clubs in Moscow, visited numerous Russian cities, played abroad many times and took part in parties with many foreign stars, among which he especially remembered the parties with Matthew Herbert, Ken Iishi and Craig Richards.

From 1999 and to these days DJ Necto Lucas is famous as a king of lounge music. Over this time he has played in virtually all cafes of Moscow.

Now DJ Necto Lucas is a resident at Moscow clubs Mix, Park, 16 Tons, Zeppelin, Neo and some others. His styles are deep, tech- and trash-and-no-star.

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The long-awaited label Pro-Tez Records, run by Anton Kubikov, has finally jumped into existence.

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